Friday, September 30, 2005

Updates For Mission Trips


To: All Pastors and Churches in the Presbytery Of East TN
And those interested in the Whirlwind Tours Mission Trips.
From: The Disaster Response Committee
Regarding: Updates concerning our trips.

1.Three cheers and praise the Lord - we have between 135 and 150 students from UT, Knoxville ready to go October 13-16. They will be meeting on campus next Wednesday, October 5, at the Panhellenic Building on Cumberland, in the Alpha Delta Pi room on the second floor, at 7:30PM. The meeting will help all students who wish to go complete their applications (a notary will be there) and get geared up for the weekend trip. If you are going on this first of the Whirlwind Tours you need to be in attendance at this meeting!

2.This first tour is still in need of the following special people:
-Cooks, we will be feeding people out of a church, they will need hot breakfast and dinner and a bag lunch to take into the field with them.
-Adult leaders, to help coordinate the students and lend expertise
-Nurses or Doctors or both to go and tend the scrapes and bumps.
-A good medical kit for the above.
-Note: Serious injuries are being treated in the local hospitals. We need some folks for all the little stuff, who also know when little stuff needs more treatment.

3.We also need:
-Every church to do a special fundraiser. It will cost about $10,000 to transport the 150 students this first trip. That includes one large bus, vans that UT is offering and gas. A slightly smaller amount will be needed for the UT, Chattanooga Trip and the big All church tours in November and December. This is a wonderful chance to be involved in a very helpful way in support of our shared missions. (Could your church van or bus go and save us rent money?)
-We also need to pay for food. Our first info from the system was that the PC, USA Disaster Response funds would pay for food. Not true; we now learn they are paying for the housing, not the food.
-This is a cost we can be ready to pay if everyone helps out!

4.Remind your folks to get signed up now if they are planning to go on any of the Whirlwind Tours. Applications are available through the Presbytery Web Page. Students should also contact Rick Kuhlman at < >.

5.Correction: We sent a bulletin insert to you for last weekend that had INCORRECT dates for the first all Presbytery trip in November the CORRECT dates are Saturday November 5th to Saturday November 12th.


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