Saturday, December 31, 2005

On The Fourth Day

Today was our fourth day of work. I have been working with my 11 year old son, Sam. We spent the day on the ground, cleaning up the mess created by taking the old roof off. We talked to the owner of the house, Larry. His home insurance did not cover flood damage, so he was doing all the reconstruction himself and – according to his wife – about killing himself doing it. She was the one who appealed to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance on his behalf. Their house had seven feet of water in it.

Insurance companies are looking very bad in the wake of Katrina. They are trying to weasel out of paying homeowners for their legitimate claims. May God bring justice against the insurance companies and for the homeowners.

On the brighter side, my son and I are learning to use new tools and learning some valuable skills. We are very tired at night and sleep soundly every night. We are most grateful to Fritz Schilling and Rick Kuhlman and the others for planning all this. And thanks to Mike, the food has been great!

David Garnett
Group P - Team 6


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