Friday, December 30, 2005


It’s our third day of work. We split our large group into two smaller groups in order to work more efficiently. Our groups came together at lunch to see how things were going. While eating my lunch, I got to watch some people talk to Cassie Massey, the owner of the house we were working on. It seemed to give her some relief to get to share her story with some of us. She shared about her friends being trapped on their roofs for up to 6 hours. Some houses were completely under water. She also shared the sad story of a friend of hers who had bad arthritis and didn’t have the ability to get to his roof. The man ended up drowning because he had no help. She also talked about trying to rebuild her neighborhood. She lost all her belongings except one bed. Underneath all of Miss Massey’s sadness and loss she expressed joy that we were able to help her start back to a normal life. It is amazing how much it helps those people just to talk to them. By the end of the day, Cassie Massey had a new roof, a new smile, and was well on her way to a new life. It was a day full of hard work and strong emotion.

- Alan Harris
Team Juliet – Group 5


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