Thursday, January 05, 2006


It was an amazing trip. This was my second time to the gulf, I went with the UT students in Oct. and had to go back. While I didn’t get to see as much outside the church as I would have liked I saw enough to make me committed to many repeat trips.

My Kitchen crew this trip was fantastic and after a day we really seemed to have it all together. Jane, Jan, Mary, Marsha, Laura and Phyllis all seemed to give it their all to make things go smoothly. My thanks also to Faith and the others who filled in at the end!! We very seldom met as a small group because we tried to get some people loose for bed before all were done but we enjoyed a couple of minutes on News Years Eve and shared some thoughts. The ladies had time to visit more of the work sites than I did and they got to spend a bit more time together. What really struck me was that every time I went to the store or out side the church area there were always people that thanked me for being down there to help or who helped me with things like loading the car. I am truly looking forward to planning more trips to the area to help. I hope my cooking was up to the task, but I know that from all the thanks I got you were all pretty happy with the food.

Mike Kirkland Head Chef, and leader of a GREAT Kitchen Crew


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