Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Lord's Roofs

I came across an article today that, I believe, if paraphrased could be a very accurate news article of the future. Millard Fuller, who founded Habitat for Humanity was asked why the Habitat houses in South Florida were spared by Hurricane Andrew when so many others were flattened. Using his answer because he said what I feel better than I can, I imagine this as a future news article:

Dateline -- Biloxi, MS, Sep 16, 2009: This is Sam Scoop reporting for station WBIL. I am with the coordinator of the Presbyterian Disaster Relief effort of 2006 to ask him just why the roofs remained on all the houses his group roofed in 2005 & 2006 when nearly all others were blown away in the category 5 storm just two weeks ago.

"There are three reasons Sam. First, we roofed the houses on rocks."

"Rocks? What rocks? The roofs are nailed to wood, not rocks. Even the houses are only built on mud and sand!"

"Oh no Sam. There are rocks if you know where to look for them."


"In the Bible. Don't you know the Bible? It plainly says that you should always build your house on the rocks. If you build it on sand it will be destroyed in times of storms. It's the same for roofs! The rock we built upon is the spirit with which the work was done."

"Oh! What's the second reason?"

"We put love in every nail and shingle, and that love holds the roofs together."

"And the third reason?"

"The third reason is that all the work was done by volunteers. Their only pay was the satisfaction of a job well done and a sense of being about the Lord's work, which should always be done right. Not being sure of themselves as roofers, when the directions called for six nails, they used eight or nine. Hence, this last hurricane didn't stand a chance against one of our, or I should say the Lord's, roofs."

Tom Cooper
Team 2 Crew Chief


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