Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MISSION TRIP Update, October 26th

FIRST THINGS FIRST - Three cheers and a big praise the Lord for the work done by the UT, Chattanooga students and leaders this past weekend. Just over 40 people went and once again proved that they could work hard, witness, and learn life long lessons of faith together. Job well done! We are now at almost 200 people who have worked really hard.

NEXT - We need to update everyone on the two upcoming trips. The November 5th trip has about 15 people headed to Bay St. Louis to the First Presbyterian Church there. They will be helping with work in the neighborhood for the week and scouting jobs for our big trip coming after Christmas.

WITH THAT IN MIND - We have had several reasons come at us to change the date of the post Christmas trip. So we will leave on the 27th NOT the 26th and stay through Monday January 2nd. This will give us 5 days on the ground working. We will stay at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Gulfport Mississippi. We will be kind of mashed in together but this is the church the UT trips went to and they were well cared for.

PEOPLE NEED TO GET EXCITED AND SIGNED UP - We strongly encourage you to get your High School Youth Groups and leaders together for this trip (Have a 1 adult to 5 student ratio please) We have had requests for junior high kids to go - we CANNOT permit this due to insurance, planning and on sight conditions. We will work to put together a trip over Spring break that could include junior high groups and individual junior high kids. But no junior high kids on this Christmas trip, please.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATRIONS - The deadline for the Christmas trip will be Monday, December 12th and a mandatory meeting for leaders (and participants who can come) will be held Sunday the 11th. (Specific time and place to follow on this meeting) Applications and info about what to bring can be found as a link on the Presbytery web site. (Go back to home page and look for the link just below this blog link)

COSTS - Our costs remain $100.00 / person. This helps pay for gas, buses and vans, tools and materials, food and all the little stuff that will be needed. (If there is a big donor out there who can sponsor the trip or help reduce the costs we would love to talk to them)

SPECIAL SKILLS NEEDED - We need: Cooks 2-3 who have experience feeding large groups. Medical people - Dr or Nurse - to help with the scrapes and cuts bangs and bumps. (Hospitals are open for the serious stuff) People who know how to do roofing, carpentry, dry wall, and Habitat for Humanity kinds of things.

SPECIAL STUFF NEEDED - We need church vans to help reduce the cost of transportation. We need big tools like: bobcats, air compressors and roofing staplers, pickups, backhoes, enclosed trailers to transport stuff. Individuals should bring: Good gloves (!) crowbars, hammers, carpet/roofing knives, and basic tool kits. (For personal stuff see the Katrina link from the Presbytery home page)

QUESTIONS - Call or e-mail us. Phone the Presbytery at 865-688-5581, E-mail


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