Saturday, December 31, 2005

As Told To Me…

Daryl Fansler came up to me tonight a few minutes after midnight (Knoxville time) and told me a story. It was sketchy, and I might screw up the details, but I wanted to pass it on…

It seems that last November a crew from Knoxville, Daryl included, came down here on a work trip. One of the jobs they did was drywalling Jimmie Lamey’s house. Jimmy was pretty despondent at that time. His wife and family had left for more hospitable environs, his job was in jeopardy, and he really didn’t know what the next step was going to be. Daryl and crew drywalled his house and went back to Knoxville.

Tonight, Daryl called Jimmy to wish him a Happy New Year. Jimmy was exuberant. His wife and family had returned, he was back in the house and a celebration – complete with excited kids voices -- was obvious in the background. Jimmy told Daryl that since he’d moved back into his house, things were looking up. Since November, he and some of his friends had mucked out over 20 houses in the area, bringing hope to a small but growing number of his neighbors.

A marvelous and heartwarming example of paying it forward.

We’re changing lives and bringing hope on the Gulf Coast.

- dan terpstra
for Daryl Fansler
Group R - Team 4


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