Friday, November 18, 2005

Important Katrina Update

Friday November 18th

The December trip is filling fast! We are scheduled to leave Knoxville on December 27th and return on January 2nd working all days in between. The December trip will work on roofing, fixing electrical systems, sheet rocking, cleaning and mold spraying.

Frequently asked questions…

Q=What ages are able to participate?
A= We are asking that age be limited to high school students and up. There are several reasons for this. First, insurance – yes the insurance companies run the world. Second, safety. We are going into an environment that is inherently unsafe and it takes a mature awareness and focus to mitigate the dangers. Third, This is a DIASTER ZONE not a habitat building site. It takes maturity and understanding to deal mentally with the aftereffects of the hurricane and its effect on property and people. Also note: We will be working with churches and planning our own return trip over spring break. If possible this trip will be designed to include middle school students.

Q= Why do we need to pay $100.00 to work.
A= FOOD and materials needed to support you for a full week cost money. $100.00 is a very good deal for a week’s food and support.

Q= What is not paid for by our $100.00 fee?
A= Transportation from Knoxville to Mississippi and back and the building materials that go into the projects we will be working on. Transportation was provided for the students on the first 2 trips because they had no way to transport themselves. Participants on the December trips will need to arrange their own transportation. Work through your churches and with other participants to borrow vans or car pool. Parking is limited so we need you to combine vehicles as much as possible. For the building materials we are looking to The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance funds from the national church and to the funds donated to the Presbytery for this effort.

Q= Where will we be going?
A= South Mississippi. The largest group will go to the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Gulfport. We will sleep on the floor and eat in their kitchen/fellowship hall. Each work day we will go out into the Westminster community and into Biloxi where Presbyterian Disaster Assistance workers have been assigned an approximately 5 square block area to help in. Other groups group will go to Bay Saint Louis to help the community and the First Presbyterian Church as they minister and serve the people of that hard hit town.

Q= How will all this be organized?
A= Every servant will be assigned to a work team of about 5 people with a leader who knows what to do or can follow directions from someone who does. Teams will clear roofing, install new roofing, prep homes for new wiring and sheet rock walls, clear junk and get homes ready for the owners to begin to move back in. Each day will begin early and end late with worship and planning meetings every evening. Rick Kulhman, leader of the first trips will again be the key on site leader. Pastors and Presbytery staff will be on hand to help, as will skilled individuals who can offer instruction and guidance.

Q= What special skills are needed?
A= Mostly a willing spirit will do the trick but we do need: Electricians, people who know how to hang sheet rock, roofers, people who can evaluate what needs to be done to a home and guide its reconstruction, people with heavy equipment for clearing, moving junk, lifting roofing etc. We need nurses and Dr.’s to help with the cuts and bumps. We could use a cook or 2 and people who have vans and trucks to move people and materials.

Q= Do we need special tools?
A= Light hand tools for tearing out old walls and clearing roofing, tools for roofing and sheet rock installing, ladders, nail bags that tie around your waist, shovels and heavy rakes, carpet/sheet rock retracting knives. Also be wire to bring heavy work gloves and heavy shoes. We also can use some heavy equipment, generators to power air tools and other construction tools.

Q= Can I bring my RV or motor home?
A= Yes there is a state park near the church where we will be staying and it has a limited number of hookups. Let us know about your intentions to bring your motor home or RV and we will advise you further about arrangements.

Q= What else do we need to remember?
A= Get those applications in! We are filling slots every day. If your youth group is going we need to get a number from you ASAP. Deadline for all applications will be December 11th at the meeting listed below.

IMPORTANT There will be a MANDITORY MEETING for EVERY PARTICIPANT on December 11th at 2:00 PM at Second Presbyterian Church Knoxville to answer more questions, and lay the detailed plans we need to move 150 people and work for a week in Mississippi. A SECOND Meeting will be on the 15th at 7:00 at the Mars Hill Presbyterian Church.

Also Note: The original application listed the zip code for the presbytery office incorrectly. That has been corrected and the application on line now is correct. If you are mailing an application downloaded before this date be sure to use the correct zip >> 37928-0436 when you mail your application.

Call the Presbytery Office at (865) 688-5581
E-Mail for Rick Kulhman BigHooah@aol.comE-Mail for Fritz Schilling


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