Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Everyone who has participated in a Katrina Relief Mission Trip especially the Christmas Blitz is invited to a reunion meeting to see the pictures and DVD presentation of the trip. We will meet at 2:30 PM at 2nd Presbyterian Church, Knoxville for what is planned as an hour of reflecting, fellowship, exploring the future and food. Grab a quick lunch after worship and come for snack and meeting. If you have pictures bring them to share.

The next big trip supported by the Presbytery Disaster Response Team will be March 18-25. The major thrust of this trip is to get college age people to go on their spring break on this trip but all ages - high school and up are invited. Look here on the blog for more info but the same application and contact for application (Rick Kulhman) will be in place for this trip.

If your church or several churches together would like plan their own trip we will be happy to facilitate your work and plug your people into the network. We have proven this can be done all you need is the desire and a few key leaders. Groups of 8 and up are welcome.

Skills are needed in the following areas for all trips. Roofers, truck owners, big delivery trucks and pick-ups electricians and builders.
Thanks for all the support we are experiencing a wonderful generosity and God’s grace is working on us as we work.


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